Are you looking to find new suppliers, tap new networks and negotiate best-value agreements for your business?  Of course yes, right. Businesses today opt for eSourcing as a strategic choice in the procurement life cycle. C1 India partners with multi national companies in defining the requirements, managing the entire tendering process / migrating it to online channel and managing contracts.

eSourcing service by C1 India is a hosted service provided to customers and their suppliers online. It enables quick supplier discovery, which is critical to business success and provides updated supplier information along with an intuitive interface to manage the negotiation process online.

Businesses, unequivocally, stand to benefit from faster evaluation process, more transparent negotiation and clearly defined requirements through technology intervention.  Buyers are not the only ones who stand to benefit from eSourcing. Since the process is transparent and the requirements are clearly laid out, often, the suppliers who wouldn’t otherwise have had a chance to bid for contracts, are able to participate and win.

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