Birla White

About the e-Procurement Software Solution

 e-Procurement software solution for procuring various types of PP Laminated Bags at competitive prices was the mandate, when we worked with Birla White, India’s largest white cement producer with a production capacity of over 550 thousand tons annually. Birla White, a well known name in construction industry wanted Reverse e-Auctions  to be conducted using a centralized procurement system for getting competitive prices for procurement of 4 million PP Laminated Bags of different sizes for White Cement while maintaining transparency throughout the procurement process. As an auctioneer, C1 India accomplished reverse e-Auction for the construction industry giant. C1 India also provided vendor support along with ensuring undertaking sign-off.

 The Result

Birla White, which has a strong global presence in the developed European and fast-growing Asian markets registered 8% savings on the opening price beyond other benefits such as, reduced time to procure and increased market out reach.

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