Central Coal Fields

About the e-Tender Software Solution

Central Coal Fields Ltd had a clear objective when they entrusted C1 India for automating their e-Procurement process for energy sector procurements and engaged with us to develop a system that went on to winning eIndia Award in 2013.



The objectives of the engagement were as follows

  • Simplify bid submission
  • make bid submission quicker
  • safe and more confidential
  • Facilitate anytime bidding from anywhere maintaining privacy
  • develop an automated system for bid evaluation.

This was a critical project, as it would also help CCL build credulity amongst its target bidders by running a fair and transparent process for procurement. The project had geographical reach throughout India and it became operational in 2010. The challenges that came to surface in implementation were – initial hiccups in transitioning from manual tendering to e-tendering and bidders too initially resisted the change. However, the commitment from CCL team and C1 India to drive the project forward by highlighting the benefits resulted in full acceptance of the project by all the stakeholders. The project, which went live in 2010, is currently operational.

The Result

Transparency, fairness, reduction in procurement cycle time, confidential and robust eco system are some of the benefits that CCL has been experiencing. It has also helped CCL team eliminate cartel formation.

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