NTL Case Study

About the Reverse e-Auction

NTL Electronics wanted to conduct an online Reverse e-Auction for the procurement of Electrolytic Capacitors & MOV (Metal Oxide Varistors). NTL is one of India’s most widely renowned manufacturers of electronic products for the lighting industry and the leading manufacturer of lighting electronics across the world, outside China. C1 India was appointed to provide reverse e-auction solution for this electronic industry giant. Born in 1993, NTL has grown at a rapid pace with a turnover of INR 7500 million in the year 2013-14. Being the preferred suppliers for the who’s who of the lighting industry, NTL Electronics has emerged as the pioneer of lighting electronics (esp. electronic ballasts).. C1 India was delighted to offer its e-procurement services to a client like NTL which is widely known for its focus on quality, market responsiveness and R & D capabilities.

NTL approached C1 India desiring a robust solution to get better pricing and competition from the vendors for procuring MOV and Electrolytic Capacitors through real-timing bidding. We offered an integrated reverse e-Auction involving various aspects like auction configuration, individual training, BRD document preparation and vendor support. Finally, the e-Auction reports were submitted to the client.

The Result

C1 India’s customised and highly centralised reverse e-Auction solution brought in transparency and cost cutting for NTL. Our client registered savings to the tune of 18% on 1000000 on MOV per unit basis and 1.75% savings on 6000000 Electrolytic Capacitors per unit basis.

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