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An online B2B marketplace is where both buyers and sellers can engage in digital commerce. Like popular B2C marketplaces – Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, a B2B marketplace connects multiple buyers with different manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, and retailers via a single portal.


Benefits of a B2B Marketplace

For vendors:
• Access to a larger pool of buyers and customers.
• Bigger order values and higher conversion rates
• Faster order fulfilment with cloud-based e-commerce systems
• Stay ahead of the competition
• Sell direct to consumers
This lets businesses tap into new customer segments and global markets. Also, marketplaces can be great to test out new products and gauge demand.

For buyers:
• Review up-to-date product information
• Search quickly
• Review and edit order quotes, visual meeting recaps and additional product suggestions
• Create official or proposed orders
• View order status
For buyers a marketplace compares multiple offers and prices from different vendors all in a single place. Giving customers the power to choose the best product, price, and service promotes more buyers to visit the marketplace.

B2B Marketplace is different from a B2C Marketplace

A B2B marketplace differs from B2C marketplace. It requires specific B2B and multi-vendor marketplace features to resolve situations like:
• Bulk ordering
• Editing purchase orders online
• Quantity discounts
• Quote, RFP and negotiation workflows when ordering
• Custom pricing depending on customer type
• Accept various B2B payment types and terms

Why Choose C1’s B2B Marketplace?

C1 is the trusted company for becoming partner of the business. C1’s B2B marketplace offers a full stack solution, including front-office templates, middle office for vendors and back-office for operator to create their own B2B marketplace. We connect millions of buyers, suppliers, manufacturers, importer and exporters globally to help them grow their business at C1’s B2B marketplace.

C1 offers multi-vendor marketplace features for both B2B buyers and vendors:
• Manage Individual Buyer and Vendor Accounts
• Support Dynamic Pricing
• Track Bid to Quote to Order
• Secure Multi Pay Options
• Easy Product Navigation and Display
• 24 Hours Support

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