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“Embracing the path of e-Procurement”

Gone are the days when procurement professionals followed the traditional file and paper based procurement process. Today, the Digital India programme is receiving a strong push from the government and businesses alike, emphasising the importance of e-governance. E-governance is the application of information and communication technology to bring transparency, accountability, efficiency to the transactions and exchange of information between governments, governments and businesses, and governments and citizens.

E-procurement is a part of e-governance. It is the purchase and sale of goods and services between businesses through the internet. Cutting down on cost, reducing paperwork and procurement timelines, eliminating cartel formation, bringing transparency, surpassing geographical barriers are some of the numerous advantages of e-procurement.

Today, Public and Private sector companies are becoming more and more aware of the perks that e-procurement offers and are slowly eschewing the traditional procurement practices. Companies are taking a strategic view for developing optimal sourcing strategies. However, some doubts still linger in the minds of procurement professionals. Complex user interface, lack of trust in security systems and reluctance of suppliers are some of the common worries in the minds of the procurement professionals.

Taking cognisance of the skepticism, All India Management Association (AIMA) would be hosting a two day long workshop on Transforming Procurement, Together. We are pleased to announce that C1 India would be the Knowledge Partner of this workshop which would be held in Mumbai from 21st to 22nd August 2015. For more details, click here

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