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How to write a great essay

How to write a great essay

In fifth grade, students write different types of essay assignments, and here, they get introduced to compare and contrast essays. The essay requires students to find differences and similarities between objects. To compose an excellent and persuasive compare and contrast essay, follow the guidelines below.

First, explore and select a topic for your essay. Think of the many ideas that you can write about in this essay and write them down. In the fifth grade level, identify a simple topic that you can efficiently write about and ensure there is enough to compare to each other and differentiate.

Second, select the ways you are going to compare the objects in the topic you have chosen. There are different ways you can compare objects for example by their features, functions, and benefits among others. By identifying the different ways you are going to compare the objects, for instance, their features, you get ready to write your essay.

Third, draft an outline for the essay. An outline is a plan of how you will write your essay. It should track all the information for your essay and have a logical organization. Create one and ensure the inclusion of all the points necessary from the introduction to the conclusion.

Fourth, draft your essay. When writing a fifth grade compare and contrast essay, begin by briefly introducing your topic by giving a brief background of what you are comparing and contrasting. Next, formulate the body. First, discuss the similarities in the first two paragraphs and then the differences in the last two. You should select the most striking points to discuss to make your essay interesting and provide as much supporting evidence as possible. Finally, conclude your writing by restating the primary focus of your essay and mentioning the important similarities and differences.

Finally, revise your essay by ensuring the information is accurate, and it is well organized. Also, proofread your work to eliminate any mistakes present and ensure your essay is authentic.



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