Reverse e-Auctions

For you, today, in a highly competitive business environment, reducing cost of procurement is a top priority. At the same time, reducing turn around time is critical to your business’s success. Businesses, whether small or large, are increasingly using reverse e-auctions for strategic sourcing. C1 India’s reverse e-Auction platform, a web based application used to purchase goods and services online, helps you achieve just that. This industry-leading platform provides real time bidding solutions that bring a high level of profitability, control and simplicity. It is quick and efficient. So, when you are buying we help you procure your goods and services at the best price and save cost, thus making the maximum impact in your businesses.

What we Offer

In reverse e-auctions, the recommended approach is to work with an experienced and credible Brand in the procurement industry. Lotting structure, auction algorithms are as much important. The choice of a right partner at this stage of sourcing can make a huge difference to eventual success of the event. With C1 India, you work with the established leader in e-Procurement. We cater to all aspects of Procurement and provide you a dynamic and highly flexible e-auction engine. The reverse e-auction engine required extensive market research and analyses in its development stage before paying dividends to a number of our clients. It continues to evolve even today catering to different types of auctions. C1 India’s e-Auction engine supports Reverse e-Auction (English Ties/ No-Ties), Sealed Bid e-Auction, Price e-Auction & Rank e-Auction. The interface is user friendly. The platform is completely secure and provides features such as multilingual & multicurrency support, SMS and e-mail alerts, dynamic web forms and role based dashboards.

Download our highly recommended guide –Ultimate Guide to Reverse e-Auction Success.

Benefits for Buyers:  


What’s in it for Suppliers?

While it does appear that only buyers seem to gain from reverse e-auctions, the suppliers also stand to gain a lot. Some of the benefits for suppliers are-

– Improves supply market intelligence.
– Increases transparency in the bidding process.
– A level playing field for suppliers ensures that they put their best foot forward.


C1 India, with its deep expertise, provides reverse e-auction solutions catering to the requirements of various sectors such as Manufacturing, Engineering and Construction, Healthcare, Telecom and IT. We have worked with some of the biggest companies from the Manufacturing sector such as United Biscuits and NTL Electronics. United Biscuits, which used our reverse e-auction solution for procuring dough at best rates, registered savings to the tune of Rs. 3,15,000 on the overall cost.

Top firms from the Engineering and Construction Sector have used our reverse e-auction solution for strategic sourcing of goods and services resulting in reduction of administrative costs. The list includes names like Birla White, Shipra Group and Ultra Tech Cements Ltd.

Today, Healthcare is one such sector which is increasingly availing our user friendly reverse e-auction solutions for meeting their demands and, at the same time, cutting administrative costs. Our clients include some prolific names from this sector such as multinational healthcare firm Fresenius Kabi and Artmeis Hospital.

Our reverse e-auction solutions have also been used by big players from the Telecom and IT Sector for many diverse procurement requirements. Companies like Aircel, Tech Mahindra and Tata Docomo registered significant savings in their procurement costs by trusting C1 India as their preferred auctioneer.

Use our reverse e-auction solutions today and get competitive pricing for procuring supplies. For any queries, you can send us a mail at We would love to get back to you.

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